Over 5,600 people experience homelessness in Cuyahoga County each year. Persons in families with children comprise about 20% of those who are homeless, and single adults make up about 80% of Cuyahoga County’s homeless. For most, homelessness is a short-term crisis resulting from an unforeseen financial emergency such as the loss of a job, serious illness, car accident or death in the family. Typically, they can resolve and rebound from the crisis on their own or with limited assistance.

The Housing First Initiative specifically serves people who are experiencing chronic, long-term homelessness.

Each year, roughly 1,200 people in Cuyahoga County—about 20% of all persons who are homeless—find that regaining housing stability is far more difficult.  These individuals and families cycle in and out of homelessness for years and have numerous challenges such as severe physical and mental issues and addiction.

Here are some facts about who we house:

  • 19% are military veterans
  • 65% suffer from severe and persistent mental illnesses
  • 50% suffer from serious physical health problems
  • 75% have alcohol or other drug dependency issues
  • 70% have past involvement in the criminal justice system
  • Average income when they enter Housing First = $370/year
  • Average days homeless prior to moving in – 700 days
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