Housing First has implemented 518 apartments for singles and over 100 apartments for young adults and families with histories of long-term homelessness and disabilities. The results are impressive, 90% of residents remain housed for six months or more after their initial move-in and 70% of residents have stayed for more than one year. More impressively, less than two percent return to homelessness.

Housing First has also impacted chronic homelessness across the County as evidenced by the 74% drop in chronic homelessness since the first building opened in 2006, according to the Point in Time Count.

Furthermore,the health conditions of many Housing First residents often require long-term, consistent care. Homelessness inhibits this care, as it detracts from regular medical attention and recuperation.

Housing First provides residents with services that can treat their health problems and a home in which to heal, promoting wellness and saving taxpayer dollars.